Pour Yourself a Glass of Curious Wine

Lately, I’ve been reading things that I normally wouldn’t even look at in bookstores. It’s important to explore other genres to see what they have to offer and what you can learn from them. So, I decided to give a lesbian fiction novel a chance. One of the books that Goodreads suggested from the 100 Best Lesbian Fiction list was Katherine V. Forrest’s Curious Wine. Four hours later when I finished the book, I was amazed by how empowering this love story is.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, everyone should read this book. While some parts of the story are slightly dated (who does trust falls on a week vacation in a cabin with their friends?) it is a beautiful story about two former heterosexual women who experience their first discovery together.

But there’s so much more to it than that!

The best thing that this book teaches you is that these two women, Lane and Diana, had no intentions of falling in love with each other. They didn’t even know it could happen, but it did and it was beautiful. Both Lane and Diana’s previous lovers were male. They weren’t expecting anything of this sort to happen during their time at Lake Tahoe. But a friendship was built and it progressed from there. This goes to show that you might think you’re dead set on who you think you are, but all it takes is one person to come into your life and change everything.

Unfortunately, there are still so many negative connotations with people who are gay. While I read this book, I wasn’t thinking “Oh my gosh, this is so wrong! How could two women do this?!?!” Instead, I was impressed by how natural this relationship formed and how delicate and delightful it was. Their relationship is admirable.

Due to the story being a first discovery novel, I should have expected detailed sex scenes. Trust me, they were there, but I wasn’t quite ready for them! However, these sex scenes are in the story; it happens. Was I weird-ed out or disgusted by it? Nope. It was interesting to read. Their love was so tender and gentle, it’s no wonder women go/become/are lesbian!

Even if one of them was a guy, it is no different from any of the other romantic literature out there (I would imagine from descriptions I’ve heard that Fifty Shades of Grey is way more graphic than this…so if you could read Fifty Shades of Grey, you can’t complain or judge Curious Wine).

All of your ideal qualities you would want in a person of the opposite sex can be found in someone who is the same-sex as you. It starts with a friendship. If given the opportunity to make a move, and you become interested in them, there’s nothing wrong with that! When you start falling for someone, the last thing you are thinking about is what gender they are. Diana and Lane prove this. Quite frankly, I think it’s beautiful.

People need to realize that their feelings and beliefs are not set in stone. Again, one person is all it takes to change your life. Katherine V. Forrest does an excellent job of describing a first discovery love story. There’s also great imagery, witty humor, and characters you love to hate! Read it!