Single? 14 Reasons You Should Be Enjoying It

Let’s face it, it’s not easy being single when you’re twenty-three and all of your friends are engaged except for you. It’s also difficult when people question you as to why you’re not in a relationship. However, there is something that you have that they don’t; complete freedom! You can do whatever your heart desires without upsetting someone else.

There’s no reason to be moping around because you don’t have a special someone right now.

1. Treat yourself! Think of all the money you will be saving during the holidays, when you go to dinner, to the movies, amusement parks, etc. Instead of spending it on another person, treat yourself! Get that tattoo you’ve been dying to get! Save up for that new truck! Need a new wardrobe? Go buy it!

2. Keep plans with your friends! If hanging out with your best friend was torture for your ex and (s)he made you cancel plans multiple times; worry no more! Hang out with your friends everyday! They will appreciate it!

3. Dress for yourself! Don’t feel like dressing nice today and putting makeup on? Then don’t! You can dress however you want.

4. Shave? Nah! Have stubble on your chin or your legs? Okay. Don’t feel like shaving? Don’t! As long as you’re comfortable with yourself, I support you!

5. Shop ’til you drop! Yes, this falls under treating yourself. But… you no longer have to worry about avoiding your favorite stores because your partner doesn’t want to spend hours in there. Let that sink in for a second.

6. Movies. Remember that rom-com that you wanted to see months ago in theaters, but your ex refused to go see it? Buy it on DVD! Watch it over and over again! Send a Snapchat to your ex saying how great your movie is! Okay, maybe you shouldn’t send the Snapchat…

7. Story time! Remember that John Green book you purchased months ago? The one that is sitting on your night stand? The book you never opened that now has a layer of dust coating it? Yeah, that one. You now have all the time in the world to read! Make some tea, grab your book and enjoy it!

8. Don’t feel like going out? Great! Admit it, you went to the bars every single weekend just to please your ex. (Or to let other girls know your man is taken.) Stay in for a relaxing night. Have your own movie night, drink some wine, and get cozy with no pants on!

9. Sing loud and proud. I dare you to sing every song that comes on the radio! You’re going to have so much fun doing it! Why? Because no one else is there to tell you to shut up, that your voice is horrible, or that you are giving them a headache.

10. Food. Remember when you used to eat salads every time your partner took you out for dinner? Remember how you hated salads but you ate them to make yourself look good? Stop it. Instead of starving yourself and munching on rabbit food, get that steak. And if you’re still hungry afterwards, get desert.

11. Enjoy that empty bed! Sleep spread-eagle, diagonally, in a ball, or however you want. That space is all yours, baby! Get comfy!

12. Sweet dreams! You can sleep in peace knowing that you don’t have to worry about someone and question everything. Going to bed happy is all you need to sleep like an angel at night.

13. Travel. Go somewhere new. Make new memories and learn new things. Sometimes you need to get away to clear your mind. Save up some money, get your passport, throw a dart on a map and wherever it lands, go there! Or hop in the car one weekend and go for a road trip. It will be good for you!

14. Do what makes you happy! Go spend a day at the gulf course, you need it. Teach yourself a new song on the piano. Sign up for an art class. Grab your friends and go hit up the new micro-brewery in town. You deserve it.

This list can go on forever. The point is, you need to be happy. There’s no reason to be upset about being single. Give it time and I’m sure you will find someone. But for right now, why don’t you enjoy the ride?!